Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are your wood floors scratched, scuffed or dull? Our revolutionary no-sanding technology is a fast, inexpensive, no dust, no mess, eco friendly process!

Our system provides the ultimate protection for hardwood floors that is hard, clear, and beautiful.  The finish we use is a catalyzed urethane finish that has been specifically formulated to provide the best scuff and scratch protection available.  Nothing gives you better protection for wood and laminate floors.  Over twice as durable as traditional wood finishes and extremely fast-drying, our advanced Floor Finish is crystal clear and is virtually odorless.

STEP 1... Our no-sanding formula chemically "sands the floor". Just like sanding, this formula abrades the old finish to receive a beautiful new topcoat. It saves the hours, expense and mess of conventional sanding.

STEP 2... Our repair products are used to make any necessary repairs to the surface of the floor before applying the final finish.

STEP 3... Our unique catalyzed wood finish is applied and permanently locks with the original finish for an attractive, clear finish that lasts. The next day, you'll be enjoying your newly restored floors and enjoying the satisfaction of having saved lots of money with floors protected by a finish that's tough and durable as it is beautiful.






Will it Fill Holes in the Floor?

No and Yes. It will fill the holes left from the nails in the tackless strip from a previous carpet installation. It will fill the staple holes. It will not fill bevels between boards or major gouges in the wood from previous problems.

Will it Get Rid of Scratches?

Maybe. If the scratches are in the finish, they will be removed. If the scratches are in the wood, they will not be removed. Our system only works on the finish, not on the wood itself.

Will it Remove Paint?

Maybe. If the paint is on top the finish and has not soaked into the grain of the wood, the paint more than likely can be removed.

How Durable is It?

This is a question of appearance retention. We feel our finish will last 5-8 years depending on the care it receives. You may still scratch the surface, but considering the whole floor, we are confident you will experience satisfactory appearance retention for the time frame we recommend.

Will it Work on Laminated Wood?

Absolutely. In fact, we feel our system is the only method that can refinish an engineered floor offering multiple finishes and the ability to change the color. Because the wear layer is so thin, you can't afford to sand it. Because we only affect the layer above the wood, this is perfect! If you maintain the finish you won't wear out the wood.