What is Delamination?

 Steamway Craftsmen, Ankeny, IA

Delamination is the separation of a carpet’s backing, when the secondary backing separates from the primary.  When a wall to wall carpet delaminates you end up with carpet rippling/wrinkles that cannot be stretched out.  There are several possible causes for a carpet’s delamination.



Delamination and carpet rippling.

1.  Improper application of latex adhesive.  Latex adhesive is used to bond the two backings of a carpet together.  If it is improperly applied or isn’t formulated correctly, you may end up with carpet delamination.


2.  Using the wrong carpet padding.  This causes the carpet to take more stress than it should which will cause damage to the backing.


3.  Cleaning agents.  Certain spotting agents can deteriorate the latex in a carpet’s backings, resulting in delamination where the spotter was used.  This is especially true in cases where the agent was poured directly onto the carpet.  It’s typically recommended that a spotter be diluted with water or applied to a clean, white cloth and blotted onto the spot, rather than poured directly to the site.


4.  Other Chemicals.  Spilling other chemicals, such as gasoline, lamp oil, etc. on the carpet may harm a carpet’s fibers and cause damage to the backing.


5.  Pet urine.  Pets can have accidents.  Unfortunately, pet urine is quite good at deteriorating carpet backings, resulting in delamination.


6.  High traffic areas.  High traffic alone, but especially when a carpet is damp, can cause wear on the backing, causing delamination in those areas.


7.  Unsealed Carpet Seams.  If carpet seams are not properly sealed, or not sealed at all, delamination will likely occur at that location.  When a carpet is installed, the seams should always be sealed.

Delamination at seam


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