What are Soil Filtration Lines? Steamway Craftsmen, Ankeny, IA


Soil filtration lines are dark areas that gradually develop on a carpet over time.  They are usually seen around walls, under doors, or under long draperies.  They can also develop where there are spaces between floorboards or in subflooring.  Also referred to as smog lines, soil lines, and perimeter soiling (around walls), they are caused by the passage of air through or over the carpet.  Microscopic particles of dirt and soil are carried through the air and, as the air passes over or through the carpet, they settle and embed in the carpet fibers.  Carpet acts as a filter.  In places where air flows over or through the carpet more rapidly, it extracts more of these particles from its passing, thus leaving the lines.

Sometimes filtration lines are so bad that they cannot be removed completely.  The best way to remove these lines is by calling a professional carpet cleaner, like Steamway Craftsmen Cleaning Services, in the Ankeny, Iowa area.  Removal will depend upon several factors, such as the amount and type of soil, the air flow, and how long the lines have been present.  Fortunately, they can be removed from most synthetic carpets, however, they can be more difficult to remove on natural fibers like olefin or wool.

If you have noticed soil filtration lines on your carpet, give Steamway Craftsmen a call at 515-223-2830 or 800-798-7677 toll free.  We have been serving the Ankeny area for over 40 years and are experienced with all types of carpeting.