The Pros & Cons of Moisture Barrier Carpet Padding

Steamway Craftsmen, Ames, IA

Moisture Barrier Carpet Padding is a padding which is sealed with a water barrier on the top to prevent moisture from making its way down into the padding and subfloor.  It’s very popular with pet owners who often have to deal with accidents on the carpet.  However, it’s not very useful in the event of a flood, pump backup, broken pipe, or any other destructive water event.

For those with large pets who cause larger areas of urine damage to a carpet, this barrier can be a savior for the carpet and subflooring.  There is one fallback.  Without the ability to soak downward the puddle will spread out throughout the carpet.  In time this can cause delamination, the separation of carpet backings, and shorten the life of the carpet.  However, without the barrier, a larger puddle is likely to soak down through the pad and into the subflooring.  In this case, moisture barrier padding could save a lot of money on subflooring repairs in the future.  For those with small pets, this padding may not be necessary .  Small pets tend to have smaller accidents, which often will not soak all the way through the padding and into the subflooring.   

Many people believe that Moisture Barrier Padding will protect them from water damage, in the case of an unfortunate water event.  The fact is that it won’t.  At Steamway Craftsmen, when we get a call for emergency water damage clean up, we always have to replace the moisture barrier pad.  If a pet has an accident over the top of the pad or there is a large spill, it works fine.   However, when there is water damage the water is usually coming into the pad under the barrier, from the bottom or sides.  In this case the moisture cannot escape through the barrier and the pad will never dry properly, thus, it must be removed.  We are able to replace your carpet and padding, but you will not be able to reuse the padding, even if it’s not very worn.

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