Strategies to Keep Your Carpet Looking New, Des Moines, IA


Carpet is a big investment and you want it to keep it clean and looking new for as long as possible.  Here are some simple tips to keep your carpet looking its best.


1.  Keep dirty shoes off the carpet.  Shoes can track all kinds of dirt and soils onto your carpet, which can damage its fibers, especially when you’ve just come from outside.  Your carpet will last longer if you take off your shoes before entering the room.


2.   Wear Socks or Slippers.  We know that dirty shoes can damage a carpet; however, walking around with bare feet can actually take its own toll.  Your feet have natural oils which can rub off on a carpet and damage the fibers over time.  When you enter a carpeted room it’s best to wear clean socks or slippers selected just for that purpose.  This means you keep them by the entrance to the room and put them on every time you enter the room.  This also means you can’t wear them anywhere else, especially outside.


3.  Protect the carpet from heavy furniture.  Furniture can do more than cause carpet indentation. Moving heavy furniture around on a carpet, or the slipping and sliding of chairs, can damage carpet fibers and even backing.  This can sometimes be seen in carpeted halls of commercial buildings, where heavy equipment or carts are rolled down the same paths, causing delamination and carpet rippling.  It’s recommended that you put a plastic carpet protector under a rolling desk chair and, if possible, down any paths of high traffic.


4.  Choose the right carpet padding.  A padding that is too soft can bottom out when stepped on, causing the carpet to take all the stress.  A padding that is too thick or thin can also stress a carpet, making it wear out early.  To read Steamway Craftsmen’s entire article on carpet padding, click here.


5.  Have your carpets cleaned every six months by a good professional carpet cleaning service, like Steamway Craftsmen.  Dirt and sand can actually cut into the fibers, causing irreparable damage over time, not to mention the discoloration it can cause.  By the time you can see the damage it’s often too late.  Having your carpets cleaned regularly is your best defense against discoloration and damage from dirt, sand, and soils.


Call Steamway Craftsmen Cleaning Services at 515-223-2830 in the Des Moines, Iowa area and take advantage of our “Always Clean” program.  We want to keep your carpet looking great and save you money today!