Pet Stains Defeated!  Ames, IA

Eli & Fudge

Eli & Fudge

We have a big, friendly chocolate lab named Fudge.  The other night he got sick.  We are still not sure what he ate, but it didn’t agree with him.  At Steamway Craftsmen we get calls all the time when pets have accidents, so I am often giving advice and guidance on how to clean it up.  But this time, it was MY dog on MY NEW carpet. 


First, I immediately grabbed a dust pan, and scraped up as much as I could.  Then, I let it dry for 36 hours.  It is difficult to do, to walk away from that gross, wet spot.  To see it every time you walk by, but trust me.  Let it dry.  It’s tempting to get at it right away.  People panic that, if they don’t get it out right away, it will be set.  But trust me, let it dry.  Once it was dry, I got my vacuum out and vacuumed over the spot, which removed 80% of the dry solids, then took the vacuum hose and vacuumed aggressively over the spot, which removed more of the dried solids.  For the last faint spot, I applied Home Pro Spot remover and agitated it slightly, and blotted with a towel, which removed all traces of the spot.  Poof! It’s gone, and our dog is off the hook.


All of our clients get a FREE Bottle of Home Pro Spotter to use between cleanings.  We also offer other spot and odor removers that are designed for specific types of spots, stains, and odors.  Call or stop by and see us today, at 1602 E. Lincoln Way in Ames.



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