How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet, Ames, IA

Accidents are a part of life.  If you’ve spilled red wine on your carpet, don’t worry.  Here’s a simple method for getting it out.


The best thing to do is to act quickly.  Letting the stain dry is the worst thing you can do.  A red wine stain is much easier to remove while it’s wet. 


Blot out as much of the wine as you can with a clean cloth or towel. Then, apply cold water to the stain to dilute it and blot again.  Rinse as much out as you can in this manner.  The more you can blot out now, the less you’ll have to work out of your carpet later. 


Why are red wine stains so difficult?  The pigment found in red wine comes from the skin of the grape.  This pigment is a type of anthocyanin.  Anthocyanins are very complex pigments and attach themselves very quickly and easily to fibers.  That’s why this next trick works… 

Apply white wine to your red wine stain.  I know it sounds odd, but white wine contains sulfur dioxide, which reacts with the anthocyanin in the red wine to take away its deep colorNOTE:  This will not remove the stain completely but it will make removal much easier.


Now, you’re ready for a good spot cleaner.  Apply the spotter to the stained area and blot with a clean cloth until it all comes out.  You can pick up a good spotter at our Steamway Craftsmen store located at 1602 E. Lincoln Way in Ames, Iowa. However, if you don’t feel like tackling that stain by yourself, give us a call.  Our trained & certified technicians can give your carpet the professional clean you deserve.  Call 515-232-8938 in Ames, or 515-798-7677 toll free.