How to Remove Oil-Based and Latex Paint from Carpet, Ames, IA


This video shows how to remove oil-based paint from carpet, using warm water, dish soap, and mineral spirits.

Latex paint is easier to remove and will usually come out with warm water and dish detergent.  We do not recommend using laundry detergent as many contain optical brighteners which can discolor your carpet.  If the stain is being particularly stubborn call Steamway Craftsmen Cleaning Services at 515-232-8938 in Ames, IA,  for a good spotter that will help get out paint.

If you want help tackling that spot Steamway Craftsmen will come out and take care of it for you.  Our technicians are trained to get out all kinds of spots and help your carpet look new again!


You can find this video here, posted by Coit - Spot Removal Guide.