How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

from Steamway Craftsmen in Ames, IA


Spilled nail polish on your carpet?  No Worries.  Steamway Craftsmen is here to help!

Here are some Do-It-Yourself tips for getting nail polish out of carpet:

1.        Act quickly.  The sooner you get to the spot, the better. 

2.       Remember, when you’re cleaning a spot to BLOT the spot, don’t rub, as rubbing can make it worse.  

3.        It’s also a good idea to spot test any chemical in a discrete area, like a closet, to make sure it will not remove the color from your carpet.


Here are some methods to try:

1.        A good spotting solution should do the trick.  Steamway Craftsmen has a spotting solution for you.  Just stop into our office at 1602 E. Linconway, in Ames.  Apply it to the spot and scrape the spot with a dull knife or spoon, starting at the outside edge and working inward.  Blot with a cloth or paper towel as you go.  Continue the process until the spot disappears.  Rinse away any residue with water when you are finished and blot the spot dry with a clean towel.

2.       Hairspray has many uses.  Besides getting ink out of clothing, it can also remove nail polish from your carpet.  Make sure you’re using a cheap, non-oily hair spray.  You don’t want to leave a new, oily mark on your carpet.  First, wet the spot with cold water.  Next, add a little rubbing alcohol to the spot.  That will help to loosen further.  Spray on the hair spray and scrape and blot.  Continue until all the polish is out.  Rinse and blot dry with a clean towel. 

3.       If these aren’t working well for you, you can try using nail polish remover.  However, make sure you color-test this in a small spot inside a closet or somewhere that won’t be noticed.   Use polish remover sparingly, as it can damage the latex backing of your carpet.  Because of this, it is best to apply it to a cloth and then blot the carpet rather than pouring the remover directly onto the carpet.  Continue blotting the carpet until the spot disappears.  If you’re using nail polish remover on upholstery, it’s extremely important to do a spot test, as some fabrics can melt from the remover.  If you have a dry-cleaning solvent try that, if not, use some hydrogen peroxide.  It will be gentler on your upholstery than bleach.  Just apply and blot the spot until it’s gone.  As always, rinse any residue away with water when you’re finished and blot dry.


Naturally, Steamway Craftsmen is here to help.  If none of this sounds appealing just give us a call and let us do the dirty work for you!  In fact, here’s a great example of what we can do.  This came to us from one of our clients…

“So here's the story: LilyAnna asked me if I would paint her toenails. I said "yes, but you need to wait a few minutes" because I was on the phone with someone. I had to run upstairs to find a piece of information to give that person, and came back to the basement LITERALLY 3 minutes later and found this...

Russ came at about 6:00 on his way home from another job, and got right to work.  Brian and I (and all the kids) watched in amazement as he worked his magic… and ALL of that red nail polish was GONE!!! Seriously, if you need anything carpet or tile cleaned up, this man can work miracles! THANK YOU RUSS!!!!”  ~Stephanie Loveland of Ames



Here’s another great job, before & after:






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