How to Eliminate Mildew from Your Rugs and Furniture, Des Moines, IA


Oriental rugs, furniture, and fabrics are all frequent victims of mildew.  This is because mildew feeds on organic materials, such as cotton, leather, and wood.  Mildew growth is increased by warm, moist conditions.  Dormant mildew is always present in our environment, but when warm, moist conditions occur it can appear rapidly, often within 72 hours.  Mildew is destructive, causing fibers to weaken and discolor and once this damage occurs it is irreversible. 

Mildew’s musty odor is caused by its digestion.  When the mildew is removed the odor will also disappear.  However, if the conditions that stimulated its growth aren’t removed, chances are the mildew will return.  For the mildew to be permanently eliminated, conditions such as moisture and temperature must be controlled.  No matter what is used to remove the mildew, if the area remains damp at temperatures over 65 degrees Fahrenheit, mildew growth will eventually reoccur. 

Keeping that in mind, there are several fungicidal solutions available that will not damage fabrics.  They must contact the mildew directly and may require several treatments before the mildew clears up, but the end result should be a mildew-free area.  Drying is also essential for complete mildew removal.  Every side of the infected area should be allowed to dry completely after cleaning.

If you’ve discovered mildew on your rugs, carpet, or upholstery, let Steamway Craftsmen help.  We have treatments ready for your situation.  We will come directly to your home, look at your problem, and recommend a solution for you.  Call Steamway Craftsmen today at 515-223-2830 in Des Moines, or 515-798-7677 toll free.


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