Hot Water Extraction vs. Steam Cleaning, Ames, IA

You’ve more than likely heard about “steam cleaning” more than “hot water extraction.”  That’s not surprising, as many carpet cleaning companies have begun using the term “Steam Cleaning” even when they mean “hot water extraction.”   The process is different, in that steam cleaning uses water heated above the boiling point for it to actually turn into steam.  With hot water extraction, you only need the water to be hot.


Some people believe that the hotter the water, the cleaner the carpet, but steam cleaning isn’t necessarily the best method.  The heat from steam can shrink natural carpet fibers, and actually set stains in the carpet, so most carpet manufacturers actually recommend hot water extraction for warranty reasons.


While you can always find a home rental machine, using hot water extraction, and clean your own carpets, the pressure of the water and cleaning solution is much greater with professional systems, thus getting down deeper into your carpet and loosening all the more dirt and stains. Likewise, it will also rinse your carpet better, leaving it softer and without residue.  The superior vacuums of these systems will also extract more water out of your carpet, along with all the stains and dirt, and enabling your carpet to dry much faster.


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