Hot, Humid Days Can Activate Pet Odors, Ames, IA


Odor causing bacteria is present in everything that gets into your carpet, whether it be spills, pet stains, or tracked-in soil and mud.  These bacteria will linger in your carpet until they get cleaned out.  Humidity causes these odors to be re-activated. 

For example, urine spots have alkaline crystals.  Eventually, these crystals dry up but a hot, humid day can cause them to reactivate.  This is how pet odors can linger for years.  With spills, it’s things like sugar, tannin, and dyes that get embedded in the carpet fibers. 

Applying a good cleaner or deodorizer can help but what your carpet really needs is to be rinsed.  Investing in a small carpet machine from the store will help.  They are available at most department stores.  If you purchase a smaller machine it’s easier to get out for spills and other accidents.  Often, larger machines get left in storage and don’t get taken out as they should.  Get something that’s easy to use!

Remember to act fast.  The sooner you get to accidents the better.  Fast action can prevent these accidents from becoming permanent stains.  First, extract the liquid from the carpet.  Next, you want to spray on a good stain remover, like our Home-Pro Spot Remover.  You can find it at Steamway Craftsmen at 1602 E. Lincolnway in Ames, IA.  Then, rinse the area with pure water from your small carpet machine.

Of course, a professional cleaning is still recommended every six months to one year.  This cleaning will get these odors completely out of your carpet.  Steamway Craftsmen is here for you! We’ve been proudly serving the Ames, Iowa area for over 40 years and have been voted the Best Carpet Cleaner in Story County in the Ames Tribune.  Call us today and let us give you the cleanest carpets in town! 


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