Dealing with Pet Urine on Carpet

As pet owners we love our pets, but when it comes to keeping house, we don’t love their bad urination habits, leaving smelly, ugly spots all over the carpet. 

When your pet first urinates on the carpet, the urine is at a low, acidic ph, and is fairly easy to remove.  However, it only takes hours to turn alkaline.  Once this happens it becomes more and more ammonia-like.  At this point it is damaging to the carpet. 

The first thing to do is get to it quickly.  Absorb as much excess urine as possible with a clean, white towel.  The last thing you need is to have cheap towel dye bleeding off onto your carpet.  Once you’ve absorbed the excess urine you’ll need to wash the carpet with a good carpet cleaning agent.  If you don’t know what you’re looking for over-the-shelf, you may risk setting the spot in.  All spots are different and should be cleaned accordingly.  What removes one kind of spot may permanently set in another.  Always read the labels carefully and, if in doubt, call a professional carpet cleaning service for help, like Steamway Craftsmen Cleaning Services, in the Des Moines Iowa area. 

If the spot has been sitting for some time, we have a cleaner for that.  However, you can mix your own solution of white vinegar and water.  The acidity of the vinegar will neutralize the ammonia.  Mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts warm water, apply it to the spot liberally and absorb with a clean, white towel.  Repeat as many times as necessary until the urine spot is gone.

At Steamway Craftsmen, we’ll be happy to talk to you about your carpet concerns and help you chose the right cleaner.  We stock a variety of spotters and are sure to have just what your carpet needs.  If you don’t want to tackle that spot yourself, we’ll be glad to take care of it for you.  We’ll even come to your house pre-clean, examine your carpet, and go over any concerns with you, to make sure you get the best cleaning possible.

Call Steamway Craftsmen Cleaning Services today at 515-223-2830, in the Des Moines, Iowa area.  We’ve been cleaning up after Iowa’s pets for over 40 years and we’re looking forward to helping you fight those pet stains!


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