Custom Made Rug Cleaning, Ames, IA

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Custom made rugs are becoming increasingly popular and are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  They generally fall into two categories: 1) hooked/hand tufted or 2) assembled component.  An assembled component rug is manufactured by joining different components together using a hot melt adhesive tape or sewing, or sometimes both.


Custom made rugs are beautiful, adding character and elegance to a room.  However, they can be tricky to clean.  The two main problems with custom made rugs are shrinkage and rippling.  These occur most often with assembled component rugs. 


As with other materials, those in a rug can shrink during a wet cleaning.  This problem is compounded in custom rugs by the fact all the different components may have different properties, creating differential shrinking.  It is unlikely that they will all shrink to the same degree.  This is especially troublesome if the components are not pre-shrunk before manufacturing.  Due to this differential shrinking, ripples may appear.


In addition, some components may get soft when heated or with the application of certain chemicals, like certain spotters, and the dyes used in these rugs are frequently unstable and bleeding of color can result, even in normal cleaning.


Because of these issues, having your custom rugs cleaned before they become heavily soiled is important.  Taking that extra time to vacuum and clean them more frequently means lighter soiling, and thus lighter cleanings, which will be easier on your rugs. 


Since special procedures are typically used in the caring of these rugs, it’s always best to take your custom rug to a professional cleaner.  At Steamway Craftsmen, in Ames, Iowa, our rug technicians are well trained and know how to treat even the most delicate rugs.   Plus, we have a 100% guarantee on all our work.  Call Steamway Craftsmen today at 515-232-8938 in Ames, IA, and see what we can do for you.