Black Lines Around Carpet Edges

Ames, IA


This video shows a good example of soil filtration lines, as we discussed in our previous article from Steamway Craftsmen.  Carpet acts like a filter.  As air passes over or through a carpet, microscopic particles of dirt and soil settle and embed in the carpet fibers.  In places where air flows over or through the carpet more rapidly, more of these particles are extracted from the air, leaving dark lines on the carpet.  They are usually seen under doors, around walls, or where there are spaces between floorboards.  These lines are frequently referred to as soil filtration lines.  The good news is they can often be removed.  The bad news?  Often they can't.  It will depend on how long the lines have been there and how dark they are.  It's best to have them taken care of early, before they're so set that even a professional can't get them out.  If you're not sure what to do call Steamway Craftsmen at 515-232-8938 in the Ames, IA area.  We'll come to your home, review your particular situation, and let you know exactly what we can do to make your carpet look good again.



You can find this video hereposted by Dan Keech.