Are You Destroying A Work of Art?

Here at Rug Rehab I meet people every day that are doing exactly that.  A fine hand-woven area rug may have hundreds of artisan hours (and thousands of your dollars) invested in it.  But over time sand and dust collect deep in the pile – grinding away the fibers and wearing the rug out prematurely. Let Rug Rehab save your investment and extend the life of your rug!

Russ Branson, Certified IICRC Master Textile Cleaner


Does Your Rug Need Our 12 Step Program?

Just like your carpet, your rugs are part of the beauty of your home.  Often times your rugs get just as dirty, if not more dirty, than your carpets.  Since most rugs are placed in traffic areas, the level of wear can increase if proper treatment is not taken to protect them.  

Can your fine area rugs last a lifetime?  A good rug will last a very long time if you take a few simple precautions to protect it from premature wear and the most common kinds of damage. Common problems include water damage, pet stains and smells, vacuum damage, sun dicoloration damage, and uneven wear.  Vacuuming alone never removes all the dry soil.  But now you'll have a soil-free rugh with the Rugbadger tool that gently vibrates all soil from your rug backing.  Once your rug is thoroughly free of dry soil, the cleaning process is twice as effective. 

Just like your carpet, it is important that your rugs get cleaned with the appropriate cleaning agent. Should a wrong chemical come in contact with your rug or carpet, it could strip away the natural protection, and possibly ruin the fibers for good. The technicians at Steamway will take extra care with your valuable rugs and return them to you looking like new! 

Steamway can help you add years of life to your rugs and help it retain its original appearance with our 12 step program:

 1.  Pre-Inspection – We’ll go over any concerns you may have and inspect the rug for problems, stains and any damage.

 2.  Color Testing – We check to see if the colors are stable before we clean and apply a dye fix so they won’t bleed during the cleaning process.

 3.  Dusting – More Than Just Vacuuming! We put your rug through our rug duster that applies 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute to the back of the rug removing up to

      90% of the dry soil before we even clean it.

 4.  Spot Pre-Treatment – This gives the cleaning agents extra time to work on those problem areas.

 5.  Shampoo – Your rug is thoroughly washed, both front and back, with a special low pH cleaner formulated to be safe even on natural fibers.

 6.  Cold Water Rinse – Why Not Hot? Hot water can cause shrinkage and destabilize dyes on natural fibers. Cold water keeps the rug safe from these issues.

 7.  Fringe Cleaning – Fringes are hand detailed using cleaners that won’t degrade and weaken the fibers.

 8.  Drying – After all excess water is removed from the rug, it is placed on a rack designed to allow rapid airflow across both sides of the rug to dry it quickly.

 9.  Post-Inspection – Here we examine the rug to make sure it’s ready to go home. Some rugs are so dirty they go back to step 5 and repeat the process.

10.  Protective Finish (Optional) – We can treat your rug with the most advanced fabric protector available to help repel spots and spills.  It’s so good – we guarantee it.

11.  Finishing – A final vacuuming and fringe comb-out to make sure the rug is cloud-soft and dust free.

12.  Wrap Up for Delivery – All rugs are wrapped in paper and twine to protect them while being transported back to your home.


Drop your rugs off at our rug cleaning studio at 1602 E Lincoln Way, Ames, or call for pick up.  We are experienced with all types of wool, cotton, and silk rugs.

Call us at 515-232-8938 in Ames.